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Fontswap | Change Fonts in iPhone

How to Install & Change Fonts on iOS 9 (Any iPhone/iPod/iPad) iPhone 6S Also!



Have you got bored of the same old look and feel of the fonts on your iPhone and iPod Touch! Time now to get a change as I’m going to show you a way to get some of the coolest fonts on your iPhone to get a new and fresh look. Today I’ll be sharing a killer app that will help you customize your iPhone’s fonts and will bring a new and exciting look to your iPhone!

Font Swap is the app from Cydia that will help you do customizations with your fonts on your iPhone. For performing this customization, your iPhone or iPod Touch should be jailbroken and have cydia installed in it, as Font Swap runs only on Cydia and works on already jailbroken iPhone and iPod!

I’ve embedded a video below that will help you with step-by-step instructions and everything has been completely explained in it including on where to get this app from, take a look at it!

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