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Launch The Campaigns, Save The Planet

It is no doubt that globalization, industrialization and technological advancement has brought our society to the path of admirable development. But as it is said everything comes with a cost, this development is about to cost a fortune to the mankind if not paid attention immediately to save our planet. Due to the technological advancement and industrialization, our natural resources are depleting at a fast rate and we are on the verge of losing valuable assets that can put our planet in danger.

Various problems that we are facing which need to be resolved in order to save our planet are increasing air pollution, depletion of ozone layer, deforestation, degrading the quality of soil, scarcity of drinking water and much more. To defeat these problems the mankind need to stand up against them as soon as possible.

Save The Planet

There should be the launch of various campaigns that are able to promote awareness among people and take steps that have the potential to slow down or curb these environmental problems so that mankind can save the earth. Few of such major campaigns that our planet requires are as follows:

• Save the Ozone Layer: Depletion of Ozone Layer is one of the major concern of scientists these days as it is causing adverse effects on climatic conditions as well as human beings. Some of its life-threatening effects are Global Warming, Melting of Glaciers, increased temperature due to which numerous health and skin disease are occurring, where few of them are fatal. Awareness must be spread among people and preventive measures to curb the air pollution should be taken strictly so that we can save our planet from getting extinct.

• Save water: With the set up of plenty of industries not only the quality of air is hampered but also the water bodies are getting polluted. The toxic and hazardous waste materials of industries are discharged into various water bodies that makes the water unfit for human beings as well as amphibians. According to various researches, it is said world might face a third world war and that would be because of water scarcity. Various parts of the world do not have access to fresh and pure water even for drinking. Organizations need to launch the campaign to create awareness about the importance and scarcity of water. Preventive measures like the proper dumping of industrial waste, hygienic sanitation, and rainwater harvesting should be promoted.

• Put an end to deforestation: Trees are one of our major source to living as they give us oxygen to breathe and cutting them down is like reducing your breath count by yourself. Modernization, urbanization, and industrialization are responsible for the deforestation as in order to set up industries, cities, and metropolitans man has cut down the forests without even giving a second thought. Trees not only provide oxygen but maintain the temperature of the atmosphere and binds the soil too. People should be made well informed about the ill effects of deforestation and should be encouraged to plant more trees.

• Prevent the depletion of natural resources: Man is extremely greedy in nature and is always looking for more. We are using natural resources at a much fast rate than they can replenish themselves which will definitely cause scarcity or extinction in future. Minerals, oil, coal, gas, water all are getting exhausted at a high pace and if this continues then no sooner man will find himself without these resources and that will lead to the situation to extreme difficulty. There is a need to make the human beings understand that there is a need to limit the exploitation of natural resources. The rate of consumption of resources should not be higher than the rate of replenishment.

• Maintain the quality of soil: The use of advanced fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides may help in the surplus growth of crops but they also hamper the productivity of soil making it infertile for further use. The excessive use of fertilizers and insecticides not only creates its effects on soil but also degrade the quality of crops produced. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are these days found to be infused with toxic ingredients affecting the health of mankind. The soil is the source of food for our earth and if the source if food is malicious then it is hard to sustain life on earth for long. There is a need to make people realize that in order to advance the farming the quality of soil should not be compromised.

Our Earth is in danger with so many fatal issues revolving around it. There is an urgent need to save our planet from these potential threats and the only way to let this happen is to make people well informed and well aware of these threats. Campaigns should be launched on international as well as national level and all countries must actively participate in that. Hazardous activities should be restricted and preventive measures should be followed. There is not any time left to wait and watch, if we want to save our planet then we need to wake up immediately.

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